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I'm pretty sure Tatiana Maslany, Évelyne Brochu, Lauren Cohan, Sarah Paulson, and Lily Rabe all exist to kill me very painfully and very slowly.

Sleep tight. #orphanblack #cloneclub #sdcc (x)

Sleep tight. #orphanblack #cloneclub #sdcc (x)

I think what it does is it sort of normalizes having a lead female. It’s just, the default.
So often the male perspective is our default perspective in television, in film and in all kinds of different media and I think what [Orphan Black] does is it just goes, ‘nope.’ Women can be all these different things.

Delphine touching Cosima’s face


sarah manning alphabet meme

D is for (Character) Development

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Siobhan Sadler + Sides

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How many of us do you have to meet, Sarah?

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whenever something is too unpleasant, too shameful for us to entertain, we reject it. we erase it from our memories. but the i m p r i n t  is always there.

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This, I like.

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